APEX Opportunities

Working with community partners during an Applied Practice Experience (APEX) is a highlight of the Master of Public Health program. The rewards go both ways. Students help community partners examine critical public health challenges, and community partners help students learn to navigate and succeed in a professional setting.

We offer many field work opportunities with agencies and organizations in Madison, across the state and around the world. These partnerships are designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of our students.

Community Partners

What Does an APEX Project Look Like?

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“I worked with the Rock County Health Department to evaluate their Community Health Improvement Plan and designed a framework for future evaluations.”

–Faleasha Gallagher, Master of Public Health student

“My project with the Department of Health Services focused on the appropriate assessment and treatment of patients with dementia in WI’s skilled nursing facilities.”

–Hannah Schulz, PharmD-MPH dual degree student

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