The TRIUMPH program is a focus within the MD Program curriculum at the School of Medicine and Public Health. TRIUMPH seeks current UW medical students who are committed to providing health care for medically underserved urban populations and reducing health disparities.

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Woven into urban communities
TRIUMPH partners with dozens of hospitals and community organizations in the Milwaukee area to provide provide preceptorships and hands-on experiences for students who learn while filling gaps in medically underserved areas.

Our students and graduates

TRIUMPH has enrolled 150 students since 2009. Statistics of our current students and graduates' accomplishments speak to their dedication in helping the School of Medicine and Public Health cut into urban physician shortages.


Percentage of TRIUMPH students who also completed a master in public health in our dual degree track


Number of community organizations TRIUMPH students have partnered with on projects


Percentage of TRIUMPH graduates who selected urban residencies


Percentage of TRIUMPH graduates who chose primary care residencies


Percentage of TRIUMPH graduates who led community health initiatives during their residencies
Scholarship opportunities
The Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association Sam Perlson TRIUMPH Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship given to up to two fourth-year TRIUMPH students. Scholarships are awarded to students committed to public health initiatives, those interested in serving the needs of underserved populations in urban areas and have an interest in practicing medicine in Milwaukee.
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