If you have any questions or need help with anything, please use the contact information below.

Main GME contact information

Graduate Medical Education
749 University Row, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: 608-263-0572
E-mail: uwgme@uwhealth.org

GME physician leadership

Susan L. Goelzer, MD, MS
Associate Dean of GME, UW-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health
Designated Institutional Official, UW Health

GME staff

Leigh Larson, MS
Director, GME and Medical Staff Administration, UW Health
Administrative Specialist, UW-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health
Phone: 608-263-6602

  • Resident appointments (contracts)
  • Budget and funding
  • Consultation with Program Directors and residents
  • Academic improvement, discipline, and grievances
  • Institutional policy development and consultation
  • Liaison with UW Health Committees, departments and external agencies
  • Institutional ACGME site visits
  • Joint Commission and CMS compliance
  • GME workforce planning
  • Moonlighting

Sara Kasuboski 
GME Specialist, Operations Team
Phone: 608-890-7771

  • Promotions/transfers 
  • Terminations
  • Leaves of absence
  • Administrative reviews
  • Trainee access
  • VA and GI benefits verifications reporting

Saby Colón, MS
Manager, GME
Phone: 608-890-5270

  • ACGME program management
  • Annual program review process
  • Core curriculum
  • Educational retreats
  • Evaluation
  • Faculty and staff development
  • GME quality improvement
  • New accreditation system
  • Program review process and subcommittee
  • Curriculum subcommittee
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives

L. Caroline Aumann
Administrative Operations Assistant
Phone: 608-890-8836

  • Assistant to director and designated institutional official
  • Coordinator subcommittee support
  • Strategic planning subcommittee support
  • Resident well-being subcommittee support
  • Training verifications
  • Parking

Susan Hart, BA
Supervisor, Operations Team
Phone: 608-316-9736

  • Visa/ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)
  • New resident/fellow orientation
  • Visiting residents
  • GI benefits/VA liaison
  • HealthLink training coordination
  • MedHub resident management system

Jenny Wraalstad
GME Finance Program Manager
Phone: 608-890-7612

  • Fiscal Activities
    • Program budgets
    • Affiliate and CMS billing
    • UWSMPH fund transfers
    • Stipend/wage audits
  • Liability report and coverage inquiries
  • Rotation schedule/FTE audits
  • Operational process improvement

Amanda Paus, BA
GME Program Liaison, Accreditation Team
Phone: 608-262-1986

  • National Residency Match Program (NRMP)
  • Electronic Residency Application System ERAS
  • Global health
  • Audits
  • GME website/U-Connect
  • New resident/fellow orientation

Amy Romandine, C-TAGME
GME Accreditation and Systems Coordinator - Accreditation Team
Phone: 608-890-5896

  • Institutional curricula Aadministration
  • MedHub systems administration
  • Program coordinator development
  • Program review subcommittee
  • Curriculum subcommittee
  • Resident Quality and Safety Council

Erin Omen
GME Specialist, Operations Team
Phone: 608-422-8033

  • Resident Compliance
    • Lifesaving certifications
    • Medical license
    • DEA
    • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Global health
  • Institutional compliance, facilities

Megan Walsh-Rodgers, MBA
GME Institutional Coordinator, Accreditation Team
Phone: 608-262-8399

  • ACGME activities
    • ADS
    • CLER
    • New program applications
    • Resident/faculty surveys
    • Self-study and 10 year site visits
  • Certificates - training completion and recognition
  • Conferences, retreats, webinars/teleconferences
  • GME committee meeting activities
    • Special and focused reviews
    • Program Director changes
  • Program Letters of Agreement (PLAs)
  • Program Review subcommittee
  • GME workforce planning