Opportunities for MD Students

There are many ways medical students can become involved in community service at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. While some of the programs focus on providing opportunities for medical students, others are interprofessional in nature and are open to students from multiple health professions programs.

Allied United for Health

Allied United for Health is a student organization devoted to health education and outreach programming for residents of the Allied Drive Community in Madison, Wisconsin. This community is in need of health education and wellness promotion programs that are culturally sensitive, easily accessible, and that welcome neighborhood participation and leadership.

Mentorship Achievement Program

The Mentorship Achievement Program (MAP) matches medical and pharmacy students with middle school students in need of extra support for a one-year mentorship. Students serve as role models, offering encouragement to these young people.

Medical Students Offering Maternal Support (MOMS)

Medical students offer social and emotional support to pregnant women and during the postpartum period. Students are often able to be present at prenatal care appointments and during deliveries.

Senior Chats

Senior Chats is a program through which health professions students call seniors in various senior care facilities for regular social conversations. This program was started during the pandemic to help address the isolation many seniors were facing, and continues as a way to support local seniors.