Meet the Longitudinal Teacher/Coaches

Thirty-five physician-faculty members serve as Longitudinal Teacher/Coaches (LTCs) to individual students throughout their medical school careers at the School of Medicine and Public Health. Here are profiles of just a few LTCs who are part of the Longitudinal Teacher/Coach Program.

Kelly Herold, MD

Kelly HeroldClinical role: General Internal Medicine (Primary Care) at UW West Clinic

What you love about being an LTC: I love seeing students grow in their patient care skills, medical knowledge, and as people over the four years of medical school.

Favorite thing about School of Medicine and Public Health: The diversity of experiences and interests in the medical students and faculty

Favorite thing about Madison: So much outdoor activity options combined with so many options of excellent restaurants! 

Hobbies: Hiking, board games, baking

Favorite midnight snack: Pretzels and cheese

Favorite ice cream flavor: Anything with salted caramel

Prabhav Kenkre, MD

Prabhav KenkreClinical role: Hospitalist at University Hospital

What you love about being an LTC: Seeing rapid growth of early medical students and the transition to clinical medicine

Favorite thing about School of Medicine and Public Health: Camaraderie amongst fellow medical students

Favorite thing about Madison: Summers

Hobbies: Sports (especially soccer — brother played for the UW Badgers), reading (large variety of subjects including Richard Dawkins)

Favorite ice cream flavor: Butter pecan ice cream

David Kiefer, MD

David KieferClinical role: Medical Director Integrative Health Consult Clinic, Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

What you love about being an LTC: The chance to assist learners in realizing their educational goals and learning interesting things along the way

Favorite thing about the School of Medicine and Public Health: The vibrant student energy, and climate of learning, creativity, advocacy and service

Favorite thing about Madison: The endless possibilities for outdoor recreation and nature

Hobbies: I own a vineyard and play banjo

Favorite midnight snack: Granola

Vanessa Rein, MD

Vanessa ReinClinical role: Clinical endocrinologist and the medical director for the endocrine outpatient and inpatient clinical programs

What you love about being an LTC: I really enjoy having the opportunity to help students develop their strengths and address their challenges so that they can grow and be successful in their future careers.

Favorite thing about School of Medicine and Public Health: A strong sense of community

Favorite thing about Madison: I love all of the outdoor activities that Madison offers. I really love going to the Farmer’s Market, walking and biking on trails that run throughout Madison as well as boating on the lakes.

Hobbies: I like to take on all sorts of DIY home projects. Recent projects include distressing furniture and stenciling a wall in my home. I love nature walks, swimming and baking all things sweet!

Favorite midnight snack: Chocolate graham crackers, favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip