Longitudinal teacher/coaches will have primary responsibilities for facilitating the Patient-Centered Education (PaCE) Case Groups and teaching the ForWard Clinical Skills Curriculum. LTCs also are responsible for fostering teamwork skills and professionalism. In their roles as coaches, LTCs help students develop and refine lifelong learning and critical self-reflection.

About the Longitudinal Teacher/Coach Program

LTCs are primarily responsible for teaching of clinical skills and the case-based learning curriculum across Phase 1 of the ForWard Curriculum, and the coaching of teamwork skills and professionalism, and fostering lifelong learning with critical reflection across all three phases of the curriculum.
During Phase 1 of the ForWard Curriculum, medical students participate in Patient Centered Education (PaCE) Cases, which connect concepts in a way that makes them relevant and applicable to authentic clinical scenarios. In addition to medical knowledge, PaCE Cases create an environment that enhances learning in many other important competency areas, such as identification of knowledge gaps, problem solving, teamwork, communication, lifelong learning and professionalism.