Our mission

"The Wisconsin Academy of Rural Medicine helped me understand the unique challenges that patients in rural areas face and has prepared me for a residency that will help me begin to address these issues as a future attending. I had an incredible experience with WARM and it was one of the main reasons I chose to stay in Wisconsin for residency." - Alec Winzenried, 2014 WARM graduate


Percent of WARM graduates practice in Wisconsin


Percent of WARM graduates have gone into primary care
Helping students make a difference in their home communities
"I chose WARM because I was greatly interested in working for a rural, Tribal community, so WARM seemed like a great fit for me to achieve my educational goals. I was also excited that WARM was willing to work with our Native American Center for Health Professions to find ways to provide me with opportunities to rotate in our Wisconsin Tribal clinics."

Our graduates

Training students to succeed in rural communities

The WARM curriculum focuses on developing physician skills that are most vital to the needs of rural communities.
Help close the rural health disparities gap