wind turbines in a rural Wisconsin landscape

WARM Admissions

Ready to apply to the Wisconsin Academy of Rural Medicine (WARM)? Be sure to review the curriculum, requirements and timeline.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the WARM program is competitive and is limited to legal residents of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, or Minnesota.

Students applying to the program must meet the Regular MD program admissions criteria as well as these criteria:

  • A rural background and demonstrated commitment to practicing rural medicine, or an urban background with rural connections and demonstrated a commitment to practice in a rural setting
  • A strong desire to fulfill an unmet need in a rural community
  • A strong preference to live in a rural area and a desire to develop social ties with a rural community
  • A strong record of community involvement/community service and/or a demonstrated commitment to rural community health
  • Family and social support for living a rural lifestyle
  • A strong motivation to pursue a career in rural medicine

How to Apply

Applicants must indicate they are applying to the WARM program in American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Important dates are listed on the MD application timeline.

  • In the Biographic Information section, indicate that you are a legal resident of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan or Minnesota
  • Choose to apply to the University of Wisconsin–Madison and under “Other Special Program” select the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine MD program

By applying to the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine MD program in AMCAS, your application will first be reviewed by the WARM Admissions Subcommittee. If you are not selected for the WARM program, and you are a Wisconsin resident, your application will also be considered for the Regular MD program.

Make sure to keep your AMCAS application up to date with your current mailing address, phone number and email address.

Secondary Application

Secondary applications will be offered to applicants who meet our minimum academic requirements. When invited, complete the secondary application and submit it by November 20. Early applications are strongly encouraged as applications will be reviewed by date of completion until the class is filled.

Letters of Recommendation

Six letters of recommendation are required: two specifically for the WARM program are required in addition to the four letters required for the secondary application. The two WARM letters should be from people who know you well and can attest to your personal characteristics and rural potential. Examples of letter writers might be former teachers or coaches, clergy, physicians whom you have shadowed, people with whom you have worked or volunteered, etc.

All six letters of recommendation must be submitted through AMCAS and received by November 20.


A WARM interview will also be required for selected applicants. If you are invited to interview, detailed instructions and information will be emailed to you.