Students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Doctor of Physical Therapy Program are eligible for a wide array of scholarships made possible by generous donations from alumni, families, former faculty and friends of the program. Program faculty and staff proudly recognize recent scholarship winners and remain grateful for ongoing support from friends of the program. 

Margaret A. Kohli Scholarship

The Margaret A. Kohli Scholarship Fund was established with contributions from the friends of Margaret Kohli in honor of her retirement as the director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Therapy Program, a position she held from 1941 to 1980. Historically, this fund annually provides financial assistance to second-year physical therapy students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a potential for leadership in the field of physical therapy.

  • Class of 2016 recipients: Karen Lovely, Michelle Tollakson, Nate Hoover, Alyssa George
  • Class of 2017 recipients: Sarah Ceschin, Nicole Will, Laura Dean, Kaiya Sygulla
  • Class of 2018 recipients: Chris Chism, Allison Ebert, Keith Knurr

UW-Madison Physical Therapy Alumni Coalition Scholarship

This scholarship was in 2016, supported by profits from continuing education courses offered in coordination with the program visiting lecturer presentations. It will be awarded to a first and second year student who has provided service to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

  • Class of 2017 recipient: Adrienne Javes
  • Class of 2018 recipients: Chris Chism, Elana Gordon, Margaret Rusch

Jean L. Roland Memorial Scholarship

The Jean L. Roland Scholarship Fund was established to honor her for a distinguished career as a physical therapist, for her service to children with disabilities, and to recognize her many contributions to the profession of physical therapy. This memorial scholarship is awarded to a physical student during his/her second year of graduate study.

  • Class of 2016 recipients: Gaitlin Glendenning, Nicole Terrill
  • Class of 2017 recipients: Amanda Gyger
  • Class of 2018 recipient: Katie Lamberton

Barbara Ellen Gerlich-Hoefeyzer Scholarships

The Barbara Ellen Gerlich-Hoefeyzer Scholarship Fund was initiated in honor of her many contributions to the physical therapy profession and is to be used for student scholarships, fellowships, programs and services in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

  • Class of 2017 recipient: Nicole Will
  • Class of 2018 recipient: Keith Knurr
  • Class of 2019 recipient: Joshua Militzer, Bailey Lanser

Amelia Doyon Scholarship

The Amelia Doyon Scholarship Fund was established in honor of her many contributions to the physical therapy profession. A scholarship is awarded each year to a first-year female physical therapy student for her second year of study. Academic standing and financial need are considered.

  • Class of 2017 recipient: Collin Weyer
  • Class of 2019 recipient: Shawn Bohler

Caroline, Clara, Charles, and Mildred Harper Scholarships

The Harper Scholarship Fund was established to award physical therapy students with scholarships for their second or third year of study. Academic standing and financial need are considered.

  • Class of 2017 recipients: Amanda Schmitz, Emily Sackett, Jordan Reeves
  • Class of 2018 recipients: Rick Geske, Kelly Mueller
  • Class of 2019 recipient: Benjamin Davis

Ridley Family Physical Therapy Scholarships

The Ridley Family Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund was made possible through a generous gift from Lois and Ted Ridley. The scholarship is in gratitude for the care and attention Ted received from physical therapists at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics following brain surgery. Acting on their high regard for university education, this fund provides one or more scholarships to an accepted/enrolled physical therapy student.

  • Class of 2017 recipient: Sarah Ceschin
  • Class of 2018 recipient: Kristy Martinson
  • Class of 2019 recipients: Matt Pechacek, Kaitlyn Shaughnessy

Physical Therapy Student Scholarships

The Physical Therapy Student Scholarships was created by a gift from the Ridley Family, which helped provide funds for physical therapy students entering their second year of study. The scholarship aims to encourage leadership and service to the profession.

  • Class of 2017 recipients: Avelene Adler and Brett Taber
  • Class of 2018 recipients: Allison Ebert, Margaret Rushch
  • Class of 2019 recipient: Olivia Westhoff

Other awards

  • Congratulations to Nate Hoover and Karen Lovely, class of 2016, for winning WPT Fund Chris Crivello Community Service Awards
  • Congratulations to Nathan Seita, class of 2016, for winning WPTA Scholar Award
  • Congratulations to Tyler Allee, class of 2016, for winning the WPTA Tracy Rasor Sports Medicine Scholarship
  • Congratulations to Karen Lovely, class of 2016; Sarah Ceschin, Melissa Schultz and Kyla Sygulla, class of 2017, for winning the WPTA Program Champions