The Injury and Violence Prevention Program (IVPP) contributes to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services' mission — supporting economic prosperity and quality of life through the protection and promotion of health and safety — by investigating the underlying causes of injury and identifying opportunities for prevention.

The IVPP conducts surveillance, analyzes data, reports to the public, develops interventions and evaluates impacts in the field of injury and violence prevention.

The substantial burden of injury in Wisconsin emphasizes the need for sustained public health efforts in this area. Injury is the leading cause of death for people ages 1-44 and the leading cause of years of potential life lost before age 65. Broadly defined, injury includes unintentional injuries, such as falls and motor vehicle crashes, and intentional injuries, such as homicide, suicide, and sexual assault.

The diverse array of topics addressed by the Injury and Violence Prevention Program presents numerous opportunities for students to explore their individual interests while impacting a critical area of public health. Specific projects will be identified based on the skills and interests of the student.

Potential topic areas

  • Poisoning (unintentional and intentional drug overdose)
  • Address the completeness of the PDMP and usefulness for data linkage
  • Evaluate impact of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) on prescriber behaviors and overdose trends