Founded in 1994, Northeastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEWAHEC) is a community-based, 501c3 nonprofit organization and part of the Wisconsin AHEC System.

NEWAHEC serves eleven counties in northeastern Wisconsin, is governed by a regional board of directors and has long-standing relationships with community partners in all of the counties it serves. NEWAHEC is funded through state and federal grants, and other grant and local funding.

Like all Wisconsin Area Health Education Centers, NEWAHEC has developed a reputation for serving as a neutral convener, bringing community partners together to work on health initiatives that improve the health status of the community. The majority of NEWAHEC’s programming each year is delivered via community/academic partnerships through small grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Each year, NEWAHEC develops and manages 10-15 projects totaling approximately $90,000 with community and academic partners throughout its region.

Project opportunities for students at NEWAHEC in Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties

Health Careers Exploration Social Media Ambassador: The Student will work within an already established health science curriculum to create online activities/videos for young adults and school aged students. The intern will learn about the career pathways and hands-on activities that are part of the curriculum and create a lesson plan based on the career/profession that will be highlighted. They will then create and post a video that highlights that said activity and career. This intern will develop, implement, and evaluate this program and the student’s objectives for each pathway. The intern will be able to be as creative and engaging as they can. The intern will have the opportunity to present these units to live groups of students online along with providing an opportunity for questions and answer sessions.

  1. WI Retail Assessment Project  (July – September)   Assist coalition efforts in scanning the retail environment as part of a larger UW research project
  2. WI WINS – Help the local coalition review data and reduce sales of tobacco to minors. Includes outreach efforts to improve clerk training and use of
  3. Tobacco School Policy – Help coalition assess each school district’s current tobacco policy, using the assessment tool. Activities include sharing results statewide; help coalition follow up with best practice language (on-going)
  4. Community Health Internship Program CHIP (June- August): This student will work to help assist in coordination the CHIP program that is run out of the Northeastern WI AHEC office. The students will help facilitate the orientation and completion events, they will also coordinate site visits with interns and host sites along with problem-solving any issues and review and determine all evaluation tools.