The mission of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) is to empower all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive health through health services, education and advocacy.

Embody, the education and training programs of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, is a provider of excellence in comprehensive sexuality education, training, resources and information for a wide variety of education and training programs for diverse audiences in Wisconsin and beyond. Programs include professional training and technical assistance for organizations seeking to implement sexuality education, school and community-based sexuality education for youth and adults, parent programs, Promotores de Salud and Health Promoter programs and more.

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Project opportunities

Program evaluation

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin provides a number of different school, community and clinic-based health education programs – such as a promotores de salud (or “health promoter”) program, Youth Health Clinics and a sex ed text line – as well as many training opportunities for professionals to enhance their comfort, confidence and competence when providing sex education. Each of these programs has objectives, logic models and an implementation plan (including an evaluation plan).

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is looking for students to assist with reviewing, enhancing or replacing existing process and outcome evaluation plans for most of its programs, including ensuring the use of appropriate evaluation measures and tools.

Health communications and marketing services

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin offers a variety of sex educations programs as well as professional training on various sexual and reproductive health topics and technical assistance for partners throughout Wisconsin and beyond. This project involves developing a plan for increased communications and marketing of these programs and services to schools, community organizations and others across the state.

This will include writing and revising objectives and descriptions of programs and training, reviewing marketing materials developed by our communications team, researching potential partners, coordinating electronic and mail communications about programs and services and following up with new and existing partners about these opportunities.