Tri 4 Schools is a Dane County non-profit that uses swimming, biking, and running as a platform to instill positive attitudes around being healthy and active. We believe that by supporting schools with funding to teach the next generation about being healthy, we can have the greatest impact on the most kids.

As such, we donate every dollar of our youth event entry fees back to the schools of participating students. Funds can be used for any resource that gets kids active or teaches them about health and nutrition. To date, we have donated over $300,000 to Wisconsin schools, and helped more than 15,000 children cross the finish line of our triathlons and mud runs! 

A key area of focus for our organization is ensuring opportunities for all children. By offering scholarships, transportation, and help with equipment, we reduce every barrier to participation so any child can participate if they wish. Studies show that these kids face the most barriers to health, so we are doing our part to help ensure that every child in our community has the same access to healthy, fun and safe opportunities to be active. Each of our triathlons includes an adaptive triathlon to ensure that all kids can experience the joy of crossing the finish line! Finally, we split out 25% of our annual race fee revenue to fund innovative programming at the schools in our community so that all kids, not just our athletes, benefit from healthy schools. 

The most transformative part of our organization is our Team Training program, which helps kids form strong bonds and build life skills while training to complete one of our triathlons. In addition to swim, bike and run curriculum, kids learn about nutrition and mindfulness techniques. They learn life skills such as self-discipline, sportsmanship and integrity. To date, 2,500 kids have completed this program.

Project opportunities

  • Work with our staff to determine research methods and areas of interest for our first ever impact study
  • Adapt and create research materials, and collaborate with local school districts for approval
  • Observe and shadow program practices in local schools
  • Lead data collection and interview process for program sites
  • Analyze data and interpret results upon pre and post-program collection
  • Assist staff in publishing data for donors, funders, and school administration
  • Seek research funding and publication sources for results

While the impact study will be the primary focus of our partnership, we are eager to provide you with exposure to other areas of our organization to give you the full picture of the impact you have in fulfilling our mission. 

Are you a match?

  • Do you have an interest in data collection, survey design and implementation and program evaluation?
  • Are you passionate about one of our priority areas including childhood obesity, health equity, youth health and wellness, education, and preventative health?
  • Do you have the ability to work and communicate effectively with a diverse range of groups and community members?
  • Are you able to manage projects from start to finish, establishing yourself as a leader with analytical and problem-solving skills? 

If these sound like you, we’d love to have you on our team!