The WEA Trust has a long history of serving Wisconsin. Headquartered in Madison, the trust provides an independent alternative to commercial insurance companies.

WEA offers insurance to Wisconsin public schools, state health plan members, and local units of government. The trust offers health, dental, life, long-term disability, short-term disability and long-term care insurance plans. A board of trustees oversees trust operations and serves without financial compensation. The trust was created by the Wisconsin Education Association Council in 1970.

Project opportunities

A project with WEA Trust is an exciting way to be involved in learning much more about how to assess and identify through data, prevention interventions and programming that can have a significant impact on the quality of life and health outcomes of the members in a large system.

Student learning activities

  • Assist with identifying preventive service gaps of members served by WEA, and understanding the chronic diseases that members are experiencing and interventions that impact their health
  • Prepare and distribute materials, including reports, bulletins and visual aids such as films, videos, photographs and posters
  • Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with WEA staff and departments as well as external partners
  • Other duties as assigned

Ideal student qualifications

  • Interest in data collection, survey design and implementation, and data analysis
  • Experience creating and implementing needs assessments and evaluation
  • Interest in prevention and wellness
  • Demonstrated ability to work and communicate effectively with a diverse range of groups, professionals, agencies, and community members
  • Strong written and speaking skills and be self-directed to learn about the topic area when provided resources