The Doctor of Pharmacy-Master of Public Health (PharmD-MPH) prepares students to integrate knowledge and skills in the delivery of pharmaceutical care with public health principles.

The dual degree allows students to complete both degrees in five years. Students complete their MPH degree between their third and fourth year of pharmacy school. The students step out of pharmacy school after their third year to complete the majority of their MPH course work in one academic year.

The MPH Program has approved eight credits of coursework that is taken through the pharmacy curriculum. MPH applied practice experience will be fulfilled in conjunction with PharmD clerkships. The significant amount of overlap in classes allows students to step out of the Pharmacy Program for just one year, before returning to complete their final pharmacy requirements.

There are two options for applying to the PharmD-MPH Program

  • Option 1: Apply through the PharmCAS application at the time of pharmacy admission. Applicants are reviewed and admitted to each program separately. You can review this process in detail on the School of Pharmacy admissions site. Applicants admitted through this process will defer their admission until after the third year of pharmacy school. 
  • Option 2: Students already in the Pharmacy Program can apply during any application cycle in the first two years of pharmacy school. Applications are due annually on January 15. Admitted applicants can defer their admission until after the third year of the pharmacy program. The MPH Program does not have rolling admission.

PharmD-MPH course schedule (between third and fourth year of PharmD program)


  • PUBHLTH 780 Evidence-Based Decision-Making
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 781 Communicating Public Health Effectively I 
    1 credit
  • PUBHLTH 782 Determinants of Health and Health Equity: A Systems Approach
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 783 Quantitative Approaches to Public Health
    4 credits
  • PUBHLTH 791 Communicating Public Health Effectively II
    2 credits
  • PUBHLTH 792 Policy and Public Health
    3 credits

16 total credits


  • PUBLHLTH 784 Quantitative Approaches To Public Health II
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 785 Public Health and Health Care Systems
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 786 Planning and Management to Promote Health
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 787 Applied Practice Experience Seminar
    1 credit
  • PUBLHLTH 790 Social Justice and Public Health: Tools and Models
    2 credits

12 total credits

Home program

  • PUBHLTH 788 Applied Practice Experience/Community Pharmacy Rotation
    6 credits
  • Discipline-Related Courses
    8 credits
    • PH PRAC 608 Safety and Quality in the Medication use System (3 credits)
    • S&A PHM 411 Pharmacy in the Health Care System (3 credits) (fulfills PUBHLTH 793 Leadership requirement – 1 credit)
    • S&A PHM 414 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice (3 credits)
    • PHM PRAC 650 Comprehensive Immunization Delivery (1 credits)

14 credits