The application process for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) involves five steps, as described in the application timeline.

In addition, prospective students must meet the admission requirements.

We understand that the MSTP application process can be long and confusing at times, so we are here to help! The following frequently asked questions will help prospective students understand the admissions process for the UW-Madison Medical Scientist Training Program.

When is the AMCAS due?

October 15, 2019

When is the UW-Madison MSTP secondary application due?

December 1, 2019

How does the UW School of Medicine and Public Health consider multiple MCAT scores?

As part of our holistic review, our admissions committee members can view each MCAT score an applicant has. It is up to each admissions committee member to interpret multiple MCAT scores as they see fit.

What happens if I submit my application before a pending MCAT score has been reported?

At the time that you submit your AMCAS application, you must indicate any future dates when you intend to take the MCAT. We will hold consideration of your application until we receive those scores. Once our admissions committee has reached a decision on your application, we will not consider any additional MCAT scores for the current year. Do not submit your application until you have decided whether you will retake the MCAT.

What are the interview dates for the UW-Madison MSTP?

We host four interview weekends, typically in October, November, January and February. Interview weekends scheduled for 2019-2020 are:

  • October 3-6, 2019
  • November 14-17, 2019
  • January 23-26, 2020
  • February 20-23, 2020

Do I need to complete a separate application for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health MD program?

Wisconsin residents who apply to the UW-Madison MD-PhD program will automatically also be considered for the regular MD Program in the Wisconsin resident applicant pool. Applicants whose state of legal residence is not Wisconsin who apply to the MD-PhD program will only be considered for the regular MD Program upon recommendation by the MD-PhD admissions committee.

How many letters of recommendation should I submit?

The minimum MSTP requirements for letters of recommendation are the same as those of the MD Program, which are described on the MD Program letters of recommendation guidelines. MSTP applicants may submit up to seven total letters of recommendation, including a committee letter.

Do I have to have published my research to be considered for the MD-PhD program?

No, research publications are not required to be eligible to apply to the UW-Madison MSTP. However, you may provide them at the time you submit your secondary application. Please send the final, journal-formatted version of the publication(s) as a PDF attachment via email to by December 1, 2019. We cannot accept manuscripts before they have been published, nor can we accept theses, abstracts or posters.

Who is eligible to apply?

U.S. students and permanent residents are welcome to apply; international students are ineligible for the UW-Madison MSTP.

The Medical Scientist Training Program does not accept applications from candidates who have already completed, or will have completed at the time of matriculation, a doctoral or professional degree (MD, PhD, PharmD, DDS, DVM, etc.). However, candidates who have completed or are currently enrolled in a post-baccalaureate or master's-level graduate program are eligible to apply. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact the program administrator.

Resources for applicants with disabilities

Our program is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities. The McBurney Disability Resource Center is the UW-Madison campus office that works with students who have disabilities to provide and/or arrange reasonable accommodations.

Applicants who have, or think they may have, a disability (e.g. psychiatric, attentional, learning, vision, hearing, physical, or systemic) are invited to contact the McBurney Center for a confidential discussion at 608-263-2741 (V/TTY) or at Additional information is available at the McBurney Center website. To request program materials in alternative formats or disability accommodations during your interview, please contact the MSTP program office at or 608-263-0736.

Please also see the posted technical standards, which apply to students of all UW School of Medicine and Public Health MD programs, including the MSTP.

Who should I contact if I have other questions? 

Send an email to

Additional resources